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Respected Baba, Talking of miracles,don't we see miracles all around us in the form of God's blessing?When a journey become perfect,an outcome more than expectation,not being in the wrong place in the wrong time etc? Aren't we in the blanket of God's love most of the time?If we are deprived of something I think it is due to our accumulated karma of different births.Sometimes we pray for something out of sheer habit knowing fully well He knows everything and will do what He finds best.After all we have to keep on communicating with Him be in contact as He is the closest.Am I right Baba? Happy Diwali ! pronam.monica
25th October 2011 - 07:27 (Random)

It is just because your heart is filled with love you are able to see the miracle that is life, that is YOU, all the times.
You are right, who is closer that YOU to yourself. Who is closer than your Breath?
Who is closer than the beats of your heart?

The essence of religion or spirituality is to become aware of one's own SELF, for the only malady of humanity is SELF forgetfulness whose manifestation is the ego.
Even the blinking of your eyes is the biggest miracle that i see right now!
All Glory to the Divine,

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