Satsang With Our Baba

Blessed Baba, I have one more question about Karma, please. In order for Karma to exist/persist wouldn't we have to support it with our belief in it? Wouldn't we have to be feeding it with our thought energy? Thanks so much! Amy
27th March 2010 - 22:59 (Random)

Great question, but do you know more than half the world who have never heard anything like karma still go through their bouts of karmic cycles? Of course, they may brand it a fate, luck, or what ever, but still the law, as you sow so you reap, is like the law of gravitation, which has nothing to do who accepts it, supports it, believes it or NOT, it just operates, as much as a person who has never heard about the law of gravitation may throw a stone in the sky and the stone any way comes down to earth. It has nothing to do with the support of that person's belief that there is something like law of gravitation.
What do you think, could i say it right?
smile and relax, and let go and let God.

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