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Pranam Pravu. Once you told me .personally to chant a mantra always with deep devotion. I listened but as I was young at that time I did not ask you one question which I find very important. You said to chant a mantra always but Pravu how can I do that? Suppose I am doing calculus, at that time I can't chant the mantra because our mind can't think of 2 things simultaneously. & I also feel sometimes that the mantra is not working as it does not empower me in any way. I chant the Shiva mantra. but due to these problems, I am not improving in my spiritual path. What to do? Please help Gurudev.
11th October 2017 - 12:06 (Spiritual)

Please note, when you are doing calculus you are supposed to be completely focused to that one task at hand, that is what mindfulness is all about. You are not asked to chant Shiva and do calculus,you said it right brain can not do 5 things at once. So, keep doing what you are asked to do, but when you have free time, do unplug and chant the mantra and assure yourself that you are blessed and all is well.

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