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Dear Baba, when I started meditation it feels like total darkness. I have tried to concentrate upon a point but it is going missing after some point of time.I am feeling very frustrating. You know what when I was trying meditation one day, my all feeling got concentrated upon a point situating upon a point upon my forehead above the nose. I was able to calm all my disturbances within then. But that day and that feeling are not coming back. Should I press upon my forehead and realize that point and start focusing upon that?
16th September 2017 - 11:51 (Spiritual)

No, no force is needed. What is needed is your love and devotion, and that has nothing to do with force. Can any one force you to love?
Keep practicing just watching your incoming and outgoing breaths. When the mind goes elsewhere just be aware and conscious where it goes, don't judge, just bring the mind to your breaths, keep practicing for next 15 days and let me know the update.

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