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Baba you told me that I touched your heart long ago, then you knew that I am yet to come under His Shelter.Uni ki Trikaldorshi? Also you told me that He loves me as His child that means you are able to communicate with Him.Please tell me. But at first instance you didn\'t like my shattered state. You know I went through a lot of struggle in my life.Still struggling and working Hard.mone hoi na ei jibone amar konodin Shanti ashbe..
6th July 2017 - 11:22 (Spiritual)

You are completely mistaken. Shanti ashena. Shanti bole kichu nei. The only things that is there is your mind in a state of purity and quiet. If you can take your mind to a quiet silent state through practice of japa or meditation or prayerfulness then you will realise what is shanti. not before.

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