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Good day Baba, I have seen that in answer of one question that you are feeling that as so many people are asking day to day problems of their material life so you are getting so disturbed that you are loosing interest here. It is a kind request please do ignore the unwanted and dont ignore person who are seeking your help for travelling the spiritual path. As babaji another thing the person who also want to move from lower light to higher light he is today standing in between the sansar and start point of spiritualism and its very natural he or she may ask some question which will have some esence of material world. Please do correct us rather ignoring. But obhiously those person who are seeking for madulis and totkas are to be ignored. But the rest like us need your guidance, rest is your decision and love for us . ( on behalf of many who loves you and respect you . ) name with held.
12th May 2014 - 00:17 (About the site)

Yes, it is true people are suffering, that has been the way the world has always been, but if you go back to the beginning of this interactive platform, you will see then people would ask personal problems and way out, but there used to be more questions pertaining to their spiritual quest too.
But of late i am seeing almost 90% of the questions are related not to any quest, not to find a way to God, but a way to get rid of the problems, and like many other such people who are catering to these kinds of needs, this platform is increasingly being used to bring to may notice their personal issues.
It was just a warning, that i am not here to encourage such questions for ever, and i won't even have so much time for such things.

I know people would go to a doctor for physical ailments and to a sadhu for their personal issues, but then when will people realize that their problems never end by seeking escape from problems but to go to the root of the problems, and that is what i wish people talk here, about the root causes of sufferance and a permanent solution to it.

I would love to be of service to all, but at the same time make it clear that we need to make this satsang with baba a place where you can also read about the glory of God.
Love and blessings,

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