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21st March 2018 - 04:59 (Spiritual)


Dear Baba, Please consider my heartfelt gratitude towards your beautiful response.You know I went through some phrases of life where I see others and think myself as the most \"Worst Case Scenario\" that can happen to anyone. But as per your response and my pragmatic observation I feel God is keeping His blessing upon me. Though I am going through many difficulties, tension in life I feel without His direct grace upon me I cant be alive and communicate to you as I am doing it now. After reaching to you I feel I have reached one step from where I will not degrade or fall into some nowhereness. But I learn one thing darkness(or negativity) resolves with one light ray of sun so I believe there wont be always darkness all the time as I have started to distinguish between the grace of Light and the curse of darkness. So I have decided or I have chosen the path of light, and discard the mental attitude which ensembles negativity. I will keep my layer of consciousness active so that it remains so and always remain to Love or God consciousness. Now as I am holding His hand, I will get out of the realm of Maya, get out of this spell of Prarabdha Karma and live a normal good life, may it be in this life or next. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude towards You as You have considered me as His child as if your own. Thank you Baba...
12th November 2017 - 05:41 (Spiritual)

See, once you resolve to be the worshiper of light then just move that way toward the east, and west will go further from you.
What ever the situation your awareness will change everything and will bring you to the direct present or presence where only God rules, and your positive posssibities manifest.
My love is with you, you are Baba's child,

Respected Baba, Pronam. In my last letter forgot to mention two more incidents. The night before having the dream of Ram thakur, I saw in dream WHITE SHIVA IDOL, HE WAS HAVING A NICE SMILING FACE,STANDING IN THE FORM OF NATARAJA BUT WAS PLAYING FLUTE. Have never ever seen this form of Shiva anywhere in my life. But His smile was so beautiful that it filled my mind. Second day I saw Ram thakur. On the third day I saw one brown coloured snake with its bifurcated tongue standing and looking at me. Though it was not doing any harm towards me still I was feeling scared. Dear Baba, it was a three day episode of dreams. Feeling very puzzled. wanting to get some meaning out of all this. ei sadharon kothagulo bole aapnake birokto korte chai na. jani apni onek onek mohan kormokander sathe jukto. tabu mon e holo apnar sathe kotha bolle hoyto monta ektu shanto hote pare. Apnar deoya moner joreri to protiti din ke , onek osompurnotake hashi mukhe mene nebar biswas pai baba. ASHIRBAD CHAI JATE KONO PORISTHITI AAMAKE \"TAR\' THEKE DURE NA THELE DEY, SHUDHU EITAY CHAITE PARI, AAR KONOKICHUI JENO CHAIBAR OBOSHISTO NA THAKE. Pronam. Madhumita
11th November 2017 - 00:39 (Spiritual)

Know one thing mind is a place where you have the projections of millions of different thoughts and images and visual and feeling fleeting all the time.
They come they go.
So, you don't have to take any of these dreams very seriously. But of course the dream about any Mahapurusha is always highly indicative of your spiritual advancement. So, be happy you are on the right path and now being inspired by Mahapurush like Sri Ram Thakur.

Rest you don't have to take much note. You are Baba Lokenath's child and move on that path let different things keeps passing over your life journey, don't attach much importance to any one those.

You have to be alert about your deep conviction that you belong to Baba and that he is taking care of you, and that His grace is such that who ever comes to his lotus feet he never ever throws them away, so you are ever safe in his hands and lotus feet.
My blessings and love is with you and your practice, when i come to Calcutta in January third week do come to kasba temple and meet me.
Keep doing japa of Baba's mantra, and also do japa of Rama Naama.

Blessings infinite.

Dear Baba, Thank you so much for responding to our queries. You know I eagerly wait for your response in this blog and its like you quench my thirst with positive attitude every time through your nectar like responses. Also you know, please pardon me if I am wrong you might not get time to update the posts very often but as you suggest my whole day goes like you predict about. You know sometimes I feel very negative but one my layer of mine continuously watches everything from inside and I never let them tend towards negativity. Some times I listen to good spiritual songs, love songs to come out of the depressive mood and \"Ami to TAR choron dhorei bose thaki sobsomoi se to tumi jano Baba\" and He brings me to light. But one feeling haunts me from inside that if this path of life degrades then I don\'t have the energy to recover. I daily pray to lord, work as hard as my energy supports... Again waiting for his grace to happen to be in His company so I feel positive and to be in His love Thanks...
10th November 2017 - 10:46 (Spiritual)

What is your name?
First thing give up this thought that some day you will fall in some ditches, and degrade yourself, etc., this are pure rubbish, trash them in the bin of your computer!!!!
When you have once taken the Name of Baba then it is Baba who is holding you all the time, you know it or not.
His grace is with you, keep walking the path of life without any fear or apprehensions.

Most of the time what you worry about future they don't happen, only that happens which has to happen !!
Love and blessings,

Pranam Pravu. Once you told me .personally to chant a mantra always with deep devotion. I listened but as I was young at that time I did not ask you one question which I find very important. You said to chant a mantra always but Pravu how can I do that? Suppose I am doing calculus, at that time I can't chant the mantra because our mind can't think of 2 things simultaneously. & I also feel sometimes that the mantra is not working as it does not empower me in any way. I chant the Shiva mantra. but due to these problems, I am not improving in my spiritual path. What to do? Please help Gurudev.
11th October 2017 - 12:06 (Spiritual)

Please note, when you are doing calculus you are supposed to be completely focused to that one task at hand, that is what mindfulness is all about. You are not asked to chant Shiva and do calculus,you said it right brain can not do 5 things at once. So, keep doing what you are asked to do, but when you have free time, do unplug and chant the mantra and assure yourself that you are blessed and all is well.

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