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Baba,every time should i take asana in Japa,even during extra Japa or in Akhando Japa.
12th August 2017 - 03:12 (Random)

No, you need to use your asana only when you are clean enough and have time to sit and meditate or do japa of your Guru instructed ways. Most of the other times, just do it in your mind and heart, that would be good, there you don't have to worry about purity of the place. Just keep chanting he Japa inside and move ahead.

A lady devotee of Sri Loknath Brahmachari yearns to have mantra diksha but does not know whom to contact, or the procedure for it. Kindly inform by email to
6th August 2017 - 10:42 (Random)

It is difficult for me to say it, for these days i don't live in calcutta where i could have asked her to come to our ashram at Kasba, Baba Lokenath temple, but ask her to pray to Baba for diksha, He will arrange for it when the time is just ripe.

I need to communicate to you...please answer
2nd August 2017 - 10:05 (Random)

Yes, i can hear you !

Dear Baba, please respond to our queries.
25th July 2017 - 04:36 (Random)

My apologies to all of you for such a huge lot of questions and loving words not being replied or reciprocated for months. I hope to be regular from now on. Please forgive me, i was traveling all over the world and was tied up with it.

Dear Baba,there are many spam message being regularly posted here in this forum and also in maximum they are being copied and pasted.You can please disable this functionality by a small change.$('#textBox').bind("cut copy paste",function(e) { e.preventDefault(); });
25th July 2017 - 04:06 (Random)

Could not understand this code i think we need to get it done someone who really understands your code language,
I am sorry, we are trying to delete those spam as soon as we see them, please hear with us,
Lots of love

Pranam Baba How shivatava is developed within us
18th July 2017 - 12:45 (Random)

By being conscious of the falseness of your ego self. your selfishness. your anger, your negativity. If you know them, then surrender them to the lotus feet of God or your Guru or Baba Lokenath. Once you purge the negative out of you, the positive light will illuminate your inner sanctum and your heart will be the temple where God is eternally residing.

Pranam Baba How can be self realization is possible
9th July 2017 - 14:31 (Random)

Lead a simple life of loving your parents, your loved ones without much expectations. Do you daily chores with devotion to God as service to Him.
Chant His Holy name in your heart and leave the rest to the Lord.

Dear Baba my prayers, my sadhana towards everyone\'s well being ...let it be heard by my Guru..uni jeno amar ei chokher ondhokar theke baire niye ashen.. let the world be blossomed by fresh feeling of love and bonding...sobar mongol hok.. Amar Pronam neben ...Joy Baba Lokenath
9th July 2017 - 01:42 (Random)

Blessed you are to realize that in the happiness of others is your happiness. That is the essence of true spiritual understanding of how this Universe works. Keep on your path. You are blessed, and my love is with you,

Aaj subho Gurupurnimar dine aapnake amar soshradha pronam janalam Swamiji. Aapni bhalo thakben. Joi Baba Lokenath.
7th July 2017 - 22:37 (Random)

amar praner bhalobasa ar ashirbad neo, tumio bhalo theko

Dear Baba, While doing Ajapa Kriya, some times during Roop Dhyan, the Roop ( Rishis,Gurus, Divine beings ,etc...) become deformed in looks and come towards me deceitfully .I throw the mantra at these imaginations. It is of course purely in imagination only; I do not see them. Why does this happens ? How should I react? Humbly yours...
6th July 2017 - 03:29 (Random)

What you have to do it to watch them come and go without trying to be judgmental about them, or try to fight them out. Just keep watching and doing your japa, they will all get purged out of your system one day and then you will have wonderful vision of your Guru or Ishta.

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