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16th November 2017 - 13:30 (Random)


Respected Baba, How are you? After a long time want to tell you something which has no explanation to me. From our previous communication you know that from my childhood I consider Lokenath Baba not as a God but as my \\\'Baba\\\' only.Seen Baba once in my dream- standing and looking at me. Life has gone through many ups and downs.Relation ship with Baba was sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes BITTER.But again I had to come back to him not for getting any of my desired result but for the reason \\\'I cannot live without him\\\'.I love him. He may have thousands of devotees but I have only one Baba. I have decided if I have to take Diksha, only Baba\\\'s diksha I can take.Otherwise all will be in vain. \\\"AAMI JE CHOKH BUJHLE EKJONKEI DEKHI\\\". I stay near Baghajatin Ramthakur Ashram.Seldom I go there. Somehow manage to have Khichdi Prasad in almost every occasions. Nothing more than that.But the day before RASH PURNIMA this year I saw one dream - In a temple \\\'Nam sonkirtan\\\' was going on very loudly. I was walking and at last came and sat in front of a person. Surprisingly I saw He was nobody else but \\\'Ramthakur\\\' as he sits in his Padmashana. He called me and I went in front of him to listen what he was trying to say.....he told in my ear \\\"RAM, RAM, RAM\\\". I was feeling like I don\\\'t have any sense to talk. Gradually I fell asleep. Dear Baba why this has happened to me, I have never ever thought about it. Ami je \\\'Lokenath Baba\\\' KE CHARA AAR KARO DISKHA NEBAR KOTHA SWOPNEO BHABTE PARI NA. Kintu apnar thekei to jenechhi somoy hole Baba nije se byabostha koren, I havn\\\'t done that much of GOOD KARMA that I can expect that to happen in my life. But I believe my mother gave me the dikshamantra in my infant stage and the name was \\\'Baba\\\'. I was not getting peace unless I can tell you this. Will you please explain , will you please guide me Baba. Regards, Madhumita
7th November 2017 - 00:33 (Random)

I have replied to your second msg in continuation of this one..

Baba, you have a big backlog of mails to reply. Obviously there must be something more pressing to attend in the last two months plus.Maybe some target to achieve abroad?
8th September 2017 - 04:32 (Random)

Truly enough i have been touring overseas for quite sometimes now, could not come to you all for which i am apologetic.
Let me see how soon i can start replying to your questions.
Lots of love to all devotees of Baba Lokenath

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