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Pronam Baba Baba what is the significance of gayatri mantra does it as effective as mahamrityunjay mantra Pritam
5th June 2017 - 12:26 (Random)

This is the most powerful mantra in the world.
Mahamrityunjay also is very powerful.

Dear Baba, please answer to our questions......
18th May 2017 - 07:48 (Random)

Yes, trying today....

Baba Amar pronam neben.Ami apnar putra santu.apni amake dekhechen uttar 24 parganay bhander khali grame.Ami apnake khub valo basis.tar karon apni amar path pradarshak.kintu karma sutre Baire thakar jonyo apnar songs onek din dekha hoy na.kichu din holo amar nijer upor biswas hariye felechi .r rag bere geche.mediation e Mon bosate parchi na ki korbo?? Aamake ghore feran baba!
2nd May 2017 - 21:13 (Random)

Never give up or feel bad about yourself. There are times when you droop, but that is temporary, Know that you can always stand up and move with firm conviction once you know that God is with you and you have to push yourself to the next level of your milestone.
My love is with you,

My mind is uttering bad words abt godess matha but my Heart is saying no I love her but I dono why my mind is getting those thoughts
25th April 2017 - 01:48 (Random)

It is your heart where you meditate on the Divine Form of the Mother and leave your mind to do its work. Heart always says the right.

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