Lokenath Divine Life Mission (LDLM) is a non-governmental welfare organization working for the poorest of poor and other vulnerable segments of society to address the root causes of poverty. LDLM is committed to holistic human development: building the social, economic, and cultural capacity and well being of both the individual and the village on the foundation of the awakened and conscious, creative Self.


The mission was established in 1985 in India by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari with an Eye Hospital at Bageswar, Almora, in collaboration with Sitapur Eye Hospital and with a clinic in the Kolkata slums. Since its founding, LDLM has continued to expand its programs, primarily operating in West Bengal. It is a Registered Trust with 80-G exemption and FCRA registration from the Home Ministry of the Government of India, which fosters self reliance through targeted information, education, and communication programs.



We seek a world where individuals are relieved of crippling, self-created illusion of dependence; where individuals are conscious of their inner resources and learn to overcome poverty, to live with dignity and self-reliance.



Traditional charity involves a gift from one who has more the the one who receives it, which generates lower self-esteem and a sense of inadequacy in the receiver. It leaves the receiver waiting for the next handout, more convinced than ever of his or her own powerlessness, and with the personal initiative required to move beyond poverty depleted.


The poor, like all of us, are inordinately gifted, despite their circumstances. The inner richness that is greatest resource in overcoming their poverty goes unacknowledged, untapped. Yet, they can create wealth, and they must, if they are ever to be free of poverty. To adequately serve the poor, we must support them in the process.


Lokenath Divine Life Mission (LDLM) is in the business of wealth creation. We work to kindle the light of awareness, to engender faith in those who are hopeless: faith in themselves and in their inherent capacity, strengths, and gifts. We provide health, education, and resource linkages to make success practical and attainable.


This Mission, therefore is as much a work of consciousness as of economic development. Our programs are designed not only to acknowledge and build on the inner resources of the individual, but to include those of the shared life of the village, and to integrate the contribution of culture into process of development. We take that approach because, if the last 100 years of human society demonstrate anything, it is that development without consciousness of those humanizing dimensions only further impoverishes everyone on the planet.


Everything LDLM does, therefore, id firmly grounded in the philosophy of Self Help. Our fully democratic Self Help Groups (SHGs) represent and promote this philosophy. LDLM is merely a catalyst and facilitator. Our programs provide the resources to create solid gound for development that is both sustainable and which nourishes the individual and the social context in which he or she lives.


There is no more effective way to work with human beings and the ills with which they wrestle than Self Help. There is no greater gift to our shared human future than human beings who have discovered the immensity of their own inner resources and strengths, and their ability to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances, while working with deep mutual regard for one another and for the well being of the social context in which they live.


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